Tohoku Area Vision/Neuroscience Researcher Safety Information

Updated: Tuesday March 15, 2011 at 19:20 JST

If you have confirmed safety informaiton of scientists and their families in the Tohoku area, please send it to me at izumi.ohzawa -at- or I will post it here and update the list until email/net to the area is restored. Message in a form suitable for wide access is accepted. Please see NOTE at the end.

Date/Time (JST)
  Masahiro Okamoto Confirmed to be safe. (in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima)
Mar. 15/19:00
email (Hiroshi Shiozaki)
  [Tohoku University, Sendai] Tohoku University general status and notices:
Mar. 15/17:00
  Ken-Ichiro Tsutsui Confirmed to be safe. All lab members are also confirmed safe.
Mar. 15/
Masato Taira,
K-I Tsutsui
  Seiichi Ishiguro Confirmed to be safe in Hirosaki.
Mar. 14/16:46
  Noriko Osumi Confirmed to be safe. Substantial damage to the lab.
Mar. 14/13:31
Ichiro Fujita
  Hajime Mushiake Confirmed to be safe. Substantial damage to the lab.
Mar. 14/13:31
Ichiro Fujita
  Yoshimasa Koyama Confirmed to be safe. Minor damage to the lab.
Mar. 14/13:31
Ichiro Fujita
  [Tsukuba University, Ibaraki] No reports of injury or death among facaluty/staff/students of Tsukuba University.
Mar. 14/13:28
Tsukuba Univ HP
  [Shioiri-Kuriki Lab]
Satoshi Shioiri
Ichiro Kuriki
Kazumichi Matsumiya
Rumi Tokunaga
Mitsuharu Ogiya
Kazuya Matsubara
Yoshiyuki Kashiwase
Confirmed to be safe.
Mar. 14/12:02
Hiromasa Takemura
  Hanae Ishi Confirmed to be safe. Now she stays in Sendai.
Mar. 14/11:16
Sota Hidaka
  Yoiti Suzuki,
Yukio Iwaya,
Shuichi Sakamoto
Confirmed safe, and their lab members are confirmed to be safe. Now they stay in Sendai.
Mar. 14/10:52
Sota Hidaka
  Maori Kobayashi Confirmed to be safe. Now she stays in Chiba.
Mar. 14/10:52
Sota Hidaka
  Wataru Teramoto Confirmed to be safe. Now he and his wife stay in Chiba.
Mar. 14/10:52
Sota Hidaka
  Akio Honda Confirmed to be safe. Now he stays in Iwaki, Fukushima.
Mar. 14/10:52
Sota Hidaka
  Satoshi Shioiri Confirmed safe. (Stranded in Tokyo unable to return to Sendai.)
Mar. 14/06:33
K. Uchikawa
  Kenzo Sakurai Confirmed safe.
Mar. 14/05:46
  Phil Gove Confirmed safe. He and his family are staying with Kenzo Sakurai
Mar. 14/05:46
  Javier Salazar Confirmed safe.
Mar. 14/05:46
  Toru Nakazawa Confirmed safe. All in Ophthalmology Dept at Tohoku Univ are OK. Substantial damage to buildings and research materials.
Mar. 13/16:14
email restored to
  Jiro Gyoba Confirmed safe. Lab members also OK.
Mar. 13/12:46
A. Kitaoka
  Ichiro Kuriki Confirmed safe with family
Mar. 13/14:15
  Yoshichika Yoshioka He is confirmed safe in Osaka. His family and relatives in Tohoku area are safe.
Mar. 13/13:51
  Jun Tanji Confirmed safe, staying with his son in Yamagata.
Mar. 13/13:45

I am excluding information on people in the Tokyo area to keep the list manageable. RIKEN BSI, NTT Labs, and many universities in Tokyo areas should be OK, and people there can be assumed to be safe. Email to these institutes/universities should work as well. They are safe but going through much hardship due to the rolling scheduled electrical power outages which started today, Mon March 14. Train services, normally boasting accuracy even down to seconds, are now unpredictable. Shortages of many items are reported at supermarkets. Hopefully these are due to "just-in-case preparedness" buying, and supply in the Tokyo area will hopefully catch up. Although I don't mean to trivialize the hardship felt by the Tokyo area people, the really really serious problem is in the area directly hit.